Trade and Processing of Meat, established in the middle of 2014, appears to be installed in the area of ​​the commercialization and transformation of meats, with special emphasis on pork and beef.
Since then, FAMAMEAT has not ignored those that has been classified as the 4 basic principles for the sustainability of it’s project, such as QUALITY, STRENGTH, TRUST and PROFESSIONALISM.
Only with these principles well present in each working day, adding to the concern for the stability of it’s employees, as well as the trust of it’s customers and suppliers, allowed in a short time, FAMAMEAT, is recognized in the market as a mark of pure trust.


FAMAMEAT is today a company formed at the level of it’s staff of human resources, for a mixture of youth and experience, with a total of 15 employees. It also has in the form of subcontracting a set of services to support it’s project, which allows to increase security and knowledge in the most diverse areas of the business.


Known as the northern region is, as the premier region of Portuguese gastronomy, there is nothing better than to provide the best raw material for this visit poster from the northern region of Portugal. When we refer to the best raw material, we are inevitably talking about QUALITY and it is with this underlying characteristic that FAMAMEAT wants to remain faithful.


QUALITY is a fundamental characteristic, either with the aim of cementing our brand with the customers and in the market in general, or also in the conditions that we permanently aim to provide to all our employees and partners.